About Us

Tinopai Oils takes its name from a picturesque little settlement at the top of the Kaipara Harbour where the company was born less than two hours from Auckland when I labelled and bottled it for the local craft shop in Tinopai. These oils are hand crafted.
The name Tinopai means very good, a good place.
In the very beginning the idea of blending natural oils which evolved into the Face and Body range came to me when my young son had a skin problem. After a while I was using it to condition my skin and could see the advantage of using a truly natural product. Over the years of friends and family using them and work colleagues I found myself handcrafting for other people. A cottage industry was born. They contain the highest quality essential oils farmed north of Auckland and the Barrier. The oils can be customised to suit particular conditions or requirements customers may have. An email is always welcome to answer any questions you may have regarding the products. The massage oil was introduced later. My favourite is Lavender as it is relaxing for adults and children to encourage sleep. I have now added an Argan cream (day) and an Olive cream (night).