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  • Face & Body Oil

    Face & Body Oil

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    This oil is blended Olive base with some T Tree added as a natural preservative. All three Face and Body oils are rich in Vitamin E and Evening Primrose essential oils.
    There are three Face & Body oils: Lavender and Rosemary (Classic), French Rose, Vanilla.
    They are formulated to feed and condition the skin and to be quickly absorbed. They will not leave a greasy residue on the skin. It helps the skin to retain its own natural moisture, therefore reducing drying, wrinkling and cracking. It will leave the skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. It is formulated so that make-up can be applied on top. Always best applied daily after a shower, and at night. Very useful to use for shaving legs to avoid drying the skin out.
    Men are attracted to the Vanilla and French Rose in particular to use in place of after shave to avoid shaving rash. It has the advantage of being useful for use in areas on the body to avoid sweat rash.

  • Massage Oil

    Massage Oil

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    This is a massage base oil suitable for a relaxing massage to ease tensions for a good rest. This oil contains Lavender and Rosemary essential oils, and Tea Tree as a natural preservative. The carrier oil is blended Olive Oils.

  • Cream


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    Argan Cream
    Argan cream is a natural cream crafted with Organic Argan oil and essential oils. It was created as a day cream but has found to be an excellent skin healer, helpful for a wide range os skin conditions.

    Night cream
    Night cream is a natural cream crafted with Organic Olive oils and essential oils. It is an excellent night moisturiser.